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BeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THCBeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THCBeFox Detox - Urin Cleaner - Entgiftung von THC

Phase 1

Build-up & Detox

In the first phase, you generate a surplus of minerals by taking nine capsules a day. Divide the capsules into three in the morning, three at noon, and three in the evening. Don't forget to wash down the capsules with plenty of water.
Once the mineral surplus is generated, your body begins to prioritize storing these minerals for times of need. To make room for this storage, your body releases THC metabolites.
If this process has been successful, you can determine by taking a test...

Urine test

Every seven days, you should self-test with a 50ng urine rapid test. For most people, the test first turns negative on day 14 or 21. A negative test result indicates that the mineral storage has occurred and the THC metabolites are being eliminated. If you need to take a test in a few days, you can continue taking nine capsules to speed up the process of becoming clean at lower cut-offs. If you don't need to become clean as quickly, you can move on to the next phase. Over the next few days, you will also eliminate the remaining metabolites and become clean at lower ng thresholds.

Phase 2

Maintenance Phase

You've done it! You've successfully built up your mineral shield. In the future, no new THC metabolites will be able to store themselves, as your fat cells are filled with minerals.
With two to four capsules a day, you provide your body with enough minerals that it can use. This way, it won't touch the stored minerals, and your protection will remain intact.
It takes approximately 24 hours after consuming 0.5g until you're clean again at 50ng.

Here are your PDFs

Our PDF "The Alkaline Lifestyle" contains an overview of the most common foods divided into alkaline-forming foods as well as good and bad acid-forming ones. Our habit tracker helps you keep track so you don't forget to take your capsules or do a test.

Calculate your Body Mass Index.

When contacting us for consultation, please provide your BMI.

We can derive your body fat percentage from the BMI and, in combination with other factors, give you an approximate estimate of how quickly you will detox. Although BMI is a simple measure, it helps us better understand your body composition.


BeFox Detox is a vegan dietary supplement that supports your body in the natural elimination of THC metabolites through urine. This allows you to test negative as soon as 24 hours* after consumption, instead of waiting for several weeks.

*This time frame is an average and refers to the consumption of 0.5g and a urine rapid test with a cutoff of 50ng/ml. Exact times vary based on numerous factors, including the amount consumed, metabolism, and diet.

BeFox Detox provides your body with a sophisticated mineral formula. During the approximately 14-21 day build-up phase, you generate a surplus of minerals. This means your body is supplied with more minerals than it consumes. Since minerals are valuable to the body, it will prefer to store them for times of scarcity rather than simply excrete them. Therefore, your body will begin to store the minerals in the adipose tissue. To make more room for the minerals, your body will expel the less valuable THC metabolites. The storage and release of the fat-soluble THC metabolite THC-COOH is a natural process that occurs after each consumption. However, the metabolites typically remain bound to the fat lipids for weeks or even months, gradually being released and excreted. Thus, a THC urine test can still come out positive days after a single consumption, or even for up to 3 months with regular consumption, or occasionally longer. After the minerals are stored, your adipose tissue is cleansed, and a protective barrier is established: the minerals block the storage of new THC metabolites. Therefore, when you consume again, your body will only metabolize the THC and then directly excrete it via urine. This way, you can test negative again in approximately one day*.

*This time frame is an average and refers to the consumption of 0.5g and a urine rapid test with a cutoff of 50ng/ml. Exact times vary based on numerous factors, including the amount consumed, metabolism, and diet.

To determine if you can transition from the build-up to the maintenance phase, you conduct a self-test. We recommend testing yourself with a 50ng urine rapid test every seven days. On average, the test is negative on the 14th or 21st day. A negative test result indicates that the storage of minerals has occurred. Specifically, a negative result with such a 50ng test means that the THC metabolites have been dissolved and already partially excreted. Therefore, you can transition to the maintenance phase and reduce the capsule dosage. Over the next few days, the remaining metabolites will also be excreted, allowing you to test negative even with lower cutoff levels.

BeFox Detox is characterized by a carefully composed blend of over 80 different minerals and trace elements. These minerals are perfectly balanced in composition and quantity, ensuring optimal exchange of THC metabolites with minerals. The capsule shell is made from plant-based HPMC. BeFox is therefore vegan, allergen-free, and devoid of any chemical additives—you are consuming only minerals and plant cellulose. Hence, it is impossible to detect the presence of BeFox.

Our unique cleansing formula has been developed over 2 years in laboratories and consists of a mineral complex containing over 80 minerals and trace elements, ensuring optimal exchange of THC metabolites with minerals. The minerals are processed using a sophisticated method so that they can be optimally absorbed by the body due to their high bioavailability and colloidal structure, while also being stored in adipose tissue. Our cleansing formula has been perfectly tailored to this process and has been revised multiple times over the three years we have been on the market, allowing us to currently offer the fourth and best version.

Gastrointestinal disturbances (nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, etc.) are known side effects. These may occur especially during the initial period of intake. In this case, the capsule dosage should be reduced and gradually increased. Also, note our recommendation to take the capsules not on an empty stomach and always with sufficient water. In the case of kidney problems, the intake should be avoided.

BeFox is aimed at the conscious occasional consumer who enjoys smoking with friends on weekends and wants to drive worry-free during the week. However, regular consumers can also benefit from the effects of BeFox. With continuous consumption, it may be difficult to achieve the desired effect as the body needs time to metabolize and excrete the large amount of new THC.

During the build-up phase, we recommend taking nine capsules per day to achieve rapid mineralization of the body. To ensure your body is continuously supplied with minerals, you should divide the capsules. Taking three in the morning, three at noon, and three in the evening works best for most people. Always remember to wash down the capsules with sufficient water. Additionally, it aids digestion to take the capsules with a meal; even just an apple or a banana will suffice.

During the maintenance phase, two to four capsules per day are sufficient to provide your body with enough minerals it can consume. Otherwise, your body may eventually release the stored minerals, causing you to lose protection against the storage of new THC metabolites.

If you engage in activities that deplete minerals, you should take extra capsules.

Nutrition is a crucial factor. Detailed information can be found in our Knowledge Hub article on the topic of factors. Here are the key points:

  • Drink Sufficient Water:
    Aim for an average of 2-3 liters per day. Specifically, the optimum for BeFox effectiveness is 0.03 liters per kg of body weight per day.
  • Drink Pure Water:
    The water you drink should be as pure as possible and should not contain carbonation, sugar, flavorings, or any other additives (including tea and coffee). If you occasionally drink something other than pure water, it does not count towards the calculated daily water intake.
  • Maintain Your Acid-Base Balance:
    A ratio of 80 to 20 (80% alkaline-forming foods and 20% good acid-forming foods) has been found to be optimal for the build-up phase. An imbalance in the acid-base balance can increase the body's mineral consumption and make it more difficult for BeFox to take effect.
    For more information on the acid-base balance, you can refer to our article. Additionally, our PDF provides an overview of the most common acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods.

This question cannot be answered with a simple yes or no. Whether you can or should continue to consume depends on your goal:
If you want to become clean as quickly as possible, you should stop consuming. This also applies to CBD, HHC, and similar seemingly THC-free alternatives. Not only do these alternatives always contain a small amount of THC, which can cause a test to be positive, but they also produce metabolites that need to be excreted, thus occupying your body's capacities. Moreover, these metabolites can even lead to false-positive tests, as they are sometimes very similar to THC-COOH.
If you are not in such a hurry or just want to build up protection for a worry-free life, various factors come into play. It can be boiled down to this: To become clean, you must not consume more than your body can excrete. Of course, this is very simplified. Every body is different, so metabolism and excretion rates vary from person to person. It's also important to consider how many THC metabolites are stored and released in your body, thus needing to be excreted. However, all this is very difficult to determine, just like how much THC you exactly consume. And then there are several other details to consider...
Generally, we can say that consuming up to 0.5g per day is safe and the cleansing effect will occur. Of course, it would be faster if you completely stopped consuming.

In some cases, the buildup phase may last longer than the average 14-21 days. In this case, you should continue to take nine capsules per day. The maximum duration of taking nine daily capsules should not exceed eight weeks. Additionally, we strongly recommend that you completely stop consumption, including CBD, HHC, and any other substances such as alcohol. Furthermore, ensure you drink enough water (0.03 liters of pure water per kg of body weight per day) and consume minimal acidic foods. When exercising, make sure not to train for more than one hour daily. Avoid mineral robbers and consider taking extra capsules if necessary. Additionally, Bentonite can help with detoxification.

See more information on the factores here.:

We recommend self-testing every seven days so you know when you can end the build up phase. For most people, the test is negative on the 14th or 21st day. Only a few are negative on the seventh day, and some not until the 28th day. The exact duration depends on many factors.

A negative self-test means that the storage of minerals was successful. You can then transition to the maintenance phase to maintain your mineral levels, so your body doesn't have to use minerals from the storage. This way, you retain your mineral protection against the storage of future metabolites and are clean again approximately 24 hours after consumption.

Refer to the packaging of your urine rapid test for precise instructions. However, the typical procedure is as follows:

  • Allow the pouch to reach room temperature before opening.
  • Carefully remove the test strip from the sealed pouch by tearing it open at one end.
  • Dip the test strip with the arrows pointing towards the urine sample into the urine until the marking for approximately 15 seconds.
  • Place the test strip on a clean, flat surface.
  • Typically, read the result after 5 minutes.

Interpreting the result:

  • Positive: One line appears at the "C" marking.
  • Negative: Two lines appear—one at the "C" marking and one at the "T" marking. The intensity of the line at the "T" marking doesn't matter; as long as it is visible, you are negative.
  • Invalid: No lines appear, or only one line appears at the "T" marking.

The so-called cut-off value describes the concentration threshold at which a THC urine rapid test yields a positive result. The concentration is usually expressed in nanograms per milliliter (ng/mL), hence the term ng threshold. Urine rapid tests can detect concentrations as low as 20ng, while in laboratories, testing can be conducted at levels below 10ng.

We recommend self-testing with 50ng urine rapid tests to assess the success of the build-up phase, as a negative result at 50ng indicates that the minerals have been successfully stored, and the elimination of THC metabolites is underway. At this point, you can transition to the maintenance phase. It only takes a few more days until you are also clean at lower ng thresholds.

Generally, you should never use the morning urine for a urine test. Overnight, a high concentration of THC metabolites accumulates in the urine. It's best to have urinated two or three times before taking a test.

In laboratory tests, the creatinine level should also be considered. With this, laboratories can determine whether you have diluted your urine by drinking a lot of water. An examination that reveals this can be considered invalid! However, you don't need to do that. Stick to our recommendation of 0.03 liters of water per kg of body weight per day.

BeFox Detox was exclusively developed for urine tests and has only been tested with them. So, the answer is a clear no!

Since we don't want to withhold any information from you and understand that many of our customers are in difficult situations, we want to inform you that we have received customer feedback multiple times suggesting that BeFox Detox may have also helped with other tests. However, we have not verified this information ourselves! Therefore, do not purchase BeFox with the belief that it will also help you with tests other than urine tests! According to customer feedback, BeFox may have also helped with saliva tests, with such a test reportedly turning negative approximately 24 hours after consumption. It's also reported to have helped with blood tests by lowering the passive value. We reiterate that we have not independently verified this information and the cleansing formula is only intended for urine tests!

If you want to learn more about the product or its proper usage, you should check out our Help Center. There you'll find a guide, our FAQ, various PDFs, and our Knowledge Hub. Our Knowledge Hub is the best way to get detailed information on topics such as intake, factors, tests, and consumption. So, there should be no questions left unanswered.

If you couldn't find an answer to your question, we are available via email at
If you'd like to schedule a phone consultation, you can easily book an appointment.

Answers to your questions can be found in our Help Center, FAQs, or Knowledge Hub.

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As the success of the build up phase depends on a variety of individual factors and requires a certain level of discipline, we are unable to offer a guarantee. There are too many variable details that could influence the outcome. It is neither possible for us nor for you to measure, document, and ultimately be responsible for the lack of BeFox's effectiveness in each of these details. Chronic illnesses or medication intake can also affect effectiveness. Therefore, there is always a certain failure rate, which can be minimized by strictly following all our recommendations, tips, and tricks, but unfortunately can never be reduced to zero. For these reasons, we cannot provide guarantees or promises.

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The Power of Minerals

Your Peace of Mind in Capsule Form

More than 80 minerals and trace elements, harvested in southern Italy, united by our unique cleansing formula, give you back your freedom.
They accelerate the body's natural elimination of THC metabolites and build protection against the storage of new metabolites.
Since we work with the body's own processes, there is no masking or manipulation.

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